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Functional & Stylish Patio Doors

patio-doors1-smallPatio doors are ideal for tighter spaces in your home; where a hinged door would swing into a room or out onto a deck or patio, patio doors slide open on a horizontal plane, avoiding any interference with the inside room or outside patio.

Add Light & Ventilation to Your Home

Additionally, patio doors allow for significantly more light to enter your home. Patio doors offer your Kalamazoo home, and those inside it, a warmer and more open atmosphere. Patio doors also provide great ventilation – during those Grand Rapids summers you can leave that slider door open all evening long. Convenient, durable and functional, patio doors are an easy, affordable home improvement project that can make an immediate impact on the beauty of your home.

Strong, Quality Patio Doors for Your Grand Rapids Home

Patio Door - West Michigan Glass BlockWith one stationary panel, one gliding panel, and typically a sliding screen, patio doors still provide great insulation for your home during the winters. WMGB Home Improvement patio doors are reinforced with steel to withstand high wind loads, and have a double perimeter seal for air tightness.

By customizing your patio door, whether through material type, color, or size, you can be sure it will make a substantial statement. Patio doors can be wood, aluminum, or vinyl, and have almost any interior finish you can imagine to pair nicely with the flow of your home. For even more ways to open up your home, patio doors can come with four panels: where the two middle panels slide open outwardly. With customizable lock options and even a choice to put V-groove patterns in the glass, your unique patio door from WMGB will be a perfect fit for your home.

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Ensure your home in Kalamazoo is open to every improvement opportunity possible. Call WMGB today to discuss a new patio door and why it would be great for your home with one of our trusted salesmen. Call us at (616) 243-3700 or complete our free quote form.