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Storm Doors for Your Grand Rapids Home

Storm Doors from West Michigan Glass BlockIn West Michigan, our beautiful front entry doors need protection from extreme and potentially harmful elements, like sun and bad weather. Storm doors basically act as a front door for your front door! If your front entry door is made of wood or dark colored fiberglass, the sun can really damage it by drying it out or warping it or worse. Storm doors help to provide a protective barrier from sun damage. Storm doors also protect against more extreme weather like rain or snow that can also wear away at your entry door.

Durable Protection from the Elements

One of the many perks to installing a storm door is that it protects your entry door and still offers both a full view of the outside of your home as well as proper ventilation.

So, what makes storm doors so effective? Storm doors are typically made from aluminum, steel, or strong plastics like fiberglass and vinyl to provide the best protection. The thickness of the outer layers, weather they are steel, aluminum or fiberglass will be one of the main determiners of the cost of the door, typically the least expensive doors are made of the thinnest material and usually are the ones that will dent or crack first. Additionally, most storm doors can have a choice of screen and glass panels that can be changed depending on the season – which is certainly helpful for West Michiganders!

Storm Doors from West Michigan Glass BlockThe majority of storm doors have something called a “sweep” along the bottom of the door. The sweep is a flexible strip that restricts air, dirt, snow, or other moisture from entering your home. Finally, when thinking of investing in a storm door, it is worthwhile to note that the structure of many metal storm doors have three layers that make it so practical: the two outside edges are often made of aluminum, with one of foam insulation on the inside layer.

A storm door installed in front of your entryway can be a very smart investment if you have a door you’re looking to protect. Apart from insulation, ventilation, and protection, you’ll also notice a drop in your energy costs!

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