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Egress Casement Windows

basement egress casement windowEgress casement windows are side-hinged windows that fulfill egress requirements while taking up the smallest amount of wall space in your Grand Rapids, MI home. This makes these windows work great for egress in basements or other areas where space is limited.

Typically, casement egress windows and our Astro In-Swing window can be used simply by cutting down from a normal width sized basement window saving time and money in cutting the opening in the basement wall.

Casement windows have a crank at the bottom of the window that allows you to “crank-open” or close the window.  The windows have a locking mechanism on the side that help make one of your more energy efficient windows.

Meeting Egress Building Codes with Casement Windows

Our casement windows also have a special operator arm that allows the window to open wider than the standard operating arm so that they meet egress window requirements. Not all casement windows have the special egress hardware that allows them to open to the correct size.  This is a very important detail to watch for when shopping for egress basement windows because you must meet Michigan building codes.


WMGB Home Improvement understands the needs of Grand Rapids, MI area homeowners and the code requirements for egress windows.  We pay attention to all the details for you from start to finish so if you are considering a basement egress window, please give us a call.

basement egress casement window

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