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Egress In-Swing Windows

egress inswing window - west michigan glass blockOur Astro In-Swing egress window looks like a regular double-hung window, ventilates like a single-hung window, but it can open like an in-swing door. It has a latch at the bottom that is easy to operate that allows the window to swing into the room for great ease of escape or cleaning. These basement in-swing egress windows are a great option for your Grand Rapids, MI remodeled basement and meet egress window requirements.

Single-Hung for Ventilation, Swing-In Door

The Astro egress window is fusion welded for strength, air & water tightness. The opening latch is one handed operable, making it easy to use for children, seniors, and handicapped to operate. egress inswing window - west michigan glass blockThe multi-point lock makes it secure and air tight. Inspectors like it because it does not open in to the egress well. It really is the ultimate egress window! WMGB Home Improvement installs more Astro Egress windows than any other type of egress basement windows.

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When you need a certified basement egress window installation professional in Grand Haven, Grand Rapids, Lansing, Holland, Kalamazoo and anywhere in West Michigan you can rely on WMGB Home Improvement. Contact us at (616) 243-3700 for more details or to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation.