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RockWell Window Wells

rockwell-window-wells from West Michigan Glass BlockRockWell is a long-time trusted manufacturer of window wells for WMGB. Their wells are guaranteed never to rust or collapse from backfill pressure, which only adds to the safety and peace of mind that comes with installing an egress window well.

Safe & Stylish Window Wells

A bonus to installing a RockWell window well in your home is that it adds a unique aesthetic to your basement. In the past, window wells were limited to very basic steel looks. Basements already have a tendency to look and feel a bit cold – RockWell window wells look and feel like real stone, which contributes to a much warmer and more inviting basement atmosphere.

Why Rockwell Window Wells

rockwell-window-wells from West Michigan Glass BlockOf course, when installing an egress window well, style isn’t the only important thing. RockWell has been trusted by WMGB and our egress window specialists for such a long time for a few reasons:

  1. RockWell window wells include built-in steps. Easy access in and out of a window well is of the utmost importance where safety is concerned. Some wells require ladders to be implemented. While ladders are often used and are always better than no steps at all, ladders can be moved accidentally or prove more difficult to climb.
  2. RockWell’s window wells are one piece of strong, durable construction, and lightweight. This makes installation less complicated.
  3. Their wells are IRC (International Residential Code) compliant.
  4. Backfill doesn’t require gravel. This greatly adds to the simplicity of the installation process: we can backfill with the previously excavated soil.

Contact Us for a Free Window Well Estimate

RockWell egress window wells come in either tan or gray, and are built to withstand any extreme west Michigan weather. WMGB’s egress window specialists can tell you anything else you’d like to know about RockWell window wells. Give them a call today!