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Replace Your Old, Ugly Basement Window Wells

window-well-west-michigan-glass-block2If your yard is graded higher than your basement windows or your basement windows are just placed low due to the framing of your home, chances are you have basement window wells in your Grand Rapids, MI home. They were probably installed when your house was originally built. So being at the basement level they are probably dirty, possibly rusty, maybe even have trees growing out of them.

WMGB Home Improvement can help you with that problem. We spend a lot of time working on basement windows and replacing them with glass block basement windows. So we have noticed that new basement windows installed along side ugly old window wells can be like putting nice wheels on an old jalopy — the wheels look great but it’s still an old jalopy!

Make the Most of Your Basement Window Investment

Basement window wells from WMGB Home ImprovementSo don’t let your home look like an old jalopy. When you get beautiful new glass block basement windows, complete the project and let us replace your old window wells.

We offer 5 different styles of basement window wells such as nice poly wells that won’t rust or dent. Or we have larger wells that can let in more light to your basement so it doesn’t feel so basement-dark, plus a few more choices. So when you are ready to get new basement windows from WMGB, take a look at your basement window wells too and let WMGB replace those for you to get the most out of your basement window investment and our labor.

Contact WMGB Home Improvement for Basement Window Wells

Don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you would like to learn more about new window wells to complement your new basement windows. Give us a call at (616) 243-3700.