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Add Style & Creative Flair with Custom Glass Block Design

Glass Block Bar - WMGB Home ImprovementCustom glass block can literally provide the building blocks for any unique home improvement endeavor. End tables, walls, bars, and even kitchen islands can be made with glass block, and they’re sure to make an elegant statement.

Endless Glass Block Design Options

custom-glass-block-bathroom-west-michigan-glass-block-small“Custom” can mean whatever you and your home want it to mean. As small as a vase, or as big as a shower, your home improvements should reflect what you love.

One bold way to refine your home is by installing a custom glass block wall. Custom glass block walls can be shaped in almost any way you can imagine. Whether in front of a shower, in place of a railing, or anywhere else you see fit, custom glass block walls can really add character to any room.

Custom Glass Block Door & Entryway

custom glass block doorIf you’re looking for a beautiful and unique way to add some glass block to your home and also let some light in, custom glass block windows might be the solution. Uniquely shaped custom glass block windows provide a perfect way to install some personality as well as functionality both inside and outside.

custom glass block wyomingFor example, a custom glass block window in a stairwell to your basement can really brighten up the whole area. Additionally, strategically placed unique custom glass block windows framing your front door can send a warm and welcoming vibe to friends and family visiting your home.

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