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Glass block showers can make your bathroom feel clean and modern. Glass block showers minimize cleaning and offer a more inviting atmosphere to your bathroom.
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Glass block showers let more light into your bathroom while still preserving your privacy. Any of  the wavy, mist, or ice glass block patterns can be used in your glass block shower.

A walk-in glass block shower can do away with the need for a shower door. Walk-in glass block showers and different block patterns only touch on a couple of the options you have in creating your perfect glass block shower. There are customizable options from straight or arched glass block, frosted or clear glass patterns, and even various height and glass block width options. With enough ideas and advice from our glass block shower specialists, your dream shower can quickly become a beautiful reality.

Glass block showers are mortared together to provide the cleanest look for your shower as possible. Mortaring also protects your shower from acquiring mold and mildew between the blocks.

Our glass block shower specialists can take your ideas and help put them into motion. At WMGB, we’ll draft sketches and provide samples and even suggestions if you need them. Call WMGB today to speak with a glass block shower specialist to create your ideal custom glass block shower.

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