Home Energy Savings Results 
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Home Energy Savings Results 

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Get FREE Money for Making Home Improvements

The Holland Home Energy Program helps residents of Holland, MI earn up to $9,500 in grants and rebates on qualifying home improvement projects. You may be eligible for free money in the form of rebates and grants on qualifying home improvements in Holland, MI.

In addition to the financial rewards for participation in this innovative program, homeowners can also save energy and the environment as well. Each qualified property may be eligible for a 20% grant and as much as $3,500 in rebates from Semco and BPW.

Results: What You Get

As a homeowner participating in the Holland Home Energy Program, you will reap the financial and environmental rewards associated with such an unprecedented initiative. You’ll experience:

  • Lower Utility Bills: Efficiency upgrades will decrease your energy consumption and corresponding energy bills.
  • Increased Home Comfort: Custom tailored solutions will help you maximize your comfort during Michigan’s winter and summer seasons.
  • Money Savings: Earn up to $9,500 in grants and rebates on qualifying home improvement projects.

All you have to do to qualify for a home energy assessment is be a homeowner in Holland MI, partner with an authorized contractor like WMGB Home Improvement, and spend at least $10,000 on eligible home improvements. We can get you started with an energy assessment to show you where your current energy output is failing and what you can do to improve it.

Learn More About How to Earn $$$ with WMGB Home Improvement

See if you qualify for nearly $10,000 in rebates and grants as part of the Holland Home Energy Program. WMGB Home Improvement is your authorized local contractor for energy assessments and upgrades. Contact us today at (616) 243-3700 to schedule your appointment and start saving on your energy bills today!