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Basement Insulation

Insulate Your Basement & Save Money

Basement Insulation - West Michigan Glass BlockAccording to the U.S. Department of Energy, it is energy and cost efficient to insulate your basement. A basement that is properly insulated can save you money on heating and make for a more livable basement space.

There are two types of basement insulation: exterior and interior.

Exterior Basement Insulation

This type of insulation is more practical for new construction. By insulating the exterior walls of your basement, you create a conditioned space.

Some advantages to this include:

  • Reduced heat loss through your foundation
  • Some protection from moisture intrusion
  • Minimized chance for condensation on surfaces in the basement
  • Increased interior space in the basement area
  • Decreased temperature swings inside because of the added thermal mass of the conditioned space

Interior Basement Insulation

Basement Installation - West Michigan Glass BlockIn new homes, this type of insulation is impractical. Interior basement wall insulation is preferable for existing homes mainly because it is less expensive and invasive to your existing walls. In addition to cost-saving during installation, interior basement wall insulation has these advantages:

  • Wide varieties of insulation can be used
  • Significantly reduce chance of insect infestation

Consider these facts when installing interior basement wall insulation:

  • Some insulation types release toxic gases on ignition, so they require a fire-rated covering
  • Though only by a few inches, interior wall insulation typically reduces room size
  • The insulation may become saturated through the foundation by moisture if your home’s drainage quality is poor.
  • Superior air-sealing measures should be taken to ensure adequate insulation

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