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Blown-in Insulation

blown in insulation - west michigan glass blockBlown insulation is an effective and easy remedy for a poorly insulated attic. In fact, the US Department of Energy recommends Grand Rapids, MI and the surrounding area attics be insulated with R-49 or higher insulation. The average attic is R-20 or lower. It is common for many areas of your Grand Rapids home to have unsealed and/or leaking air.

Air Leaks Cost You Money

Air leak sealing is often used in conjunction with blown-in insulation. Air leaks account for much of a home’s energy loss. Heated air from the living space below rises up through the holes and gaps around pipes, electrical wiring, and lighting fixtures. The heated air then escapes up through your roof. By sealing the air leaks you decrease the heat loss and allow the blown insulation to work maximally.

There are two types of blown insulation: cellulose and fiberglass. They both have about the same R-value.

Blown insulation can be used by itself or more often, in combination with existing insulation. After the installation is complete, there is no maintenance or upkeep involved.

Stay Warm & Save Money with Blown-In Insulation

The WMGB experts can evaluate your attic insulation and offer you the best way to improve it thereby lowering your heating and cooling costs, saving you $$$.

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