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Improve Your Home Insulation in Grand Haven to Increase Comfort

Very often we are called into a home and find that there is not enough insulation in the home to keep it comfortable in the house. Many building codes today don’t require an optimal level of insulation to keep your home environment comfortable and livable. Don’t settle for a freezing or hot room! Let the experts at WMGB Home Improvement look at your overall home performance profile and help find those places where your home can improve.home insulation

It Might Not Be Your HVAC System

Commonly, homeowners feel certain rooms might be too cold or too hot and might blame their HVAC system for being inefficient. While this might be the case, most often we are able to help improve our customer’s living environments by  evaluating their home insulation, air leaks and duct leaks in Grand Haven and the surrounding areas. Often there is not enough, or water infiltration has rendered it virtually useless.

Let Us Help You Identify the Problem

We are experts in evaluating homes for energy loss and discovering how to best fix the problem our clients might be facing. Using state of the art equipment, we are able to help identify air leaks and other problems that could save money, but more importantly, increase the comfort level of the home environment. Using our skills with window replacement and other services, we can offer you the best one-stop shop experience for your home performance and remodeling needs.

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