What is the Cost of an Egress Window?
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What is the Cost of an Egress Window?

WMGB offers an egress window/well system that is similar to America’s favorite sandwich stop: you get to go down the line of options and assemble your home’s ideal window-sandwich – or egress system. Starting with choosing from the type of well, the kind of window, and how much work you’d like done, you end up with a delicious combination hereby known as your perfect egress system.

Due to WMGB’s vast options, you also get to pick your price for installation. Here, we’ll break it down for you:

    1. Pick your level of involvement. WMGB offers 2 packages to look at, but of course there are many options in between that could affect your cost.
      • Premium Package – Here’s what you do: the digging, backfilling, taking care of the extra dirt, and adding gravel. That sounds like a lot, but we’ll advise you the whole way. We tell you where to dig and how deep. We’ll also cut the hole in your wall. This is exceptionally strenuous and messy work, so we’re happy to take it on. We’ll also seal the frame to the opening and actually install the window, well, and exterior composite trim. Ta-da! This package will cost you $2,000 to $3000.00 plus the window, well, and any accessories.
      • The Works – Here it is: the whole shebang. Lettuce, onions, tomatoes, and sauce. We’ll do it all! WMGB will dig, cut the hole and take care of the cement slab, (that is important), then, install the window, attach the well, do the backfilling, and we’ll even haul away the extra dirt and bring in the gravel needed. You get to sit back, relax, and end up with a perfectly installed egress system. This gorgeous package will cost a bit over $3000.00 plus the window, well, and accessories.
    2. Pick your well (and potential accessories). Take a look at our egress well page for more information.
      • Boman-Kemp wells are the most economical option, and require a ladder attached for access. These wells, depending on the galvanized white or stacked stone pattern, run you about $600 plus a cover.
      • RockWell wells are slightly larger and are designed to look like real rock. It depends on the premier or elite options of course, but these will cost a bit over $900.00 plus a cover as well.


  1. Pick your window.
  • Astro Swing-in: This type of window is perfect for egress systems. It can be single-hung or essentially a swing-in door for total ease-of-access, and will be in the $700 range.
  • 2-Lite Slider: the biggest window option, these come in a variety of pleasing colors as well. The cost? They’ll start at $800. Because they’re quite a bit bigger, there could be an extra cut-cost for the hole. This is sometimes included in the price.
  • Casement: These ones crank out and have a handle at the bottom for easy access. They start at $630.

Other things to consider: Cost of your egress will vary on whether or not your egress is completely below ground or at/above grade. Regardless, plan to spend about $2,500 – $7,900 when all’s said and done. There are also building codes to be aware of, and depending on how your home complies, that will contribute to your cost.

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