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Get a Home Energy Assessment

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Home Energy Assessment: Understanding Your Needs

The Holland Home Energy Program includes a Home Energy Assessment, which provides homeowners with an understanding of their home’s energy efficiency and provides a prescription for the necessary improvements. The Holland Energy Program helps residents of Holland MI earn up to $6,500 in grants and rebates on qualifying home improvement projects. This is an unprecedented program; in fact, there’s nothing like it in the country. You actually get free money to make improvements in your own home! In order to qualify, though, certain requirements must be met. That’s where the professionals at WMGB Home Improvement come in. We are qualified contractors through Michigan Saves, with the skills needed to properly assess your home and make suggestions on qualifying home improvements.

If your home is too warm in summer and too cold in winter, you could qualify for some money-saving improvements that will reward you with up to nearly $7,000 in grants and rebates. It’s time to stop being uncomfortable in your own home. Come to WMGB Home Improvement for a thorough and efficient home energy audit — a smart investment that pays you to be energy efficient. Our audits are focused on reducing the amount of energy used and lost from insufficient insulation in your home. WMGB home energy specialists are BPI certified for peace of mind. We will conduct a whole house energy audit in your home to show you how you are wasting money without even realizing it, focusing on the following eight energy areas:

  • Air sealing
  • Insulation
  • Radiant barrier
  • Duct work
  • Heating and cooling systems
  • Water heating
  • Lighting
  • Windows/doors

Each category has an influence on the others. Take heating and cooling costs, for example. These will depend on anything from insulation levels to air leakage to overall HVAC system efficiency.

Schedule an Energy Assessment with WMGB Home Improvement

As an authorized contractor by Michigan Saves, WMGB Home Improvement is happy to schedule your energy assessment. Contact us at (616) 243-3700 to set up your appointment.