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Home Energy Evaluation

Blower door testing for air leakage - smallIs your Grand Rapids, MI home too warm in the summer? Too cold in the winter? Stop being uncomfortable in your own home! WMGB Home Improvement can help. We’ve developed a thorough and efficient home energy audit. It’s a smart investment that keeps returning savings each month for as long as you own your home.

Home Energy Efficiency Audit Will Save You Money

Our home energy efficiency audit is a complete home assessment of your Grand Rapids or surrounding area home and the evaluation is focused on reducing the amount of energy used and lost from insufficient insulation in your home.

Stop Losing Money to High Heating/Cooling Bills

WMGB home energy specialists are BPI certified. They conduct a whole house energy audit in your home to show you how your home uses and loses energy and how you might be wasting money without even knowing it. We can focus on the improvements that your home needs most.

typical_home before and after energy solutions - smallThe eight energy areas that we make sure to test and evaluate are: air sealing, insulation, radiant barrier, duct work, heating and cooling systems, water heating, lighting, and windows/doors. All of these work together to help your home as a complete unit. Each category has an influence on the others. For example, heating and cooling costs depend on many factors such as: insulation levels, air leakage, duct leakage and HVAC system efficiency. Water heating expenses depend on the efficiency of the water heater, the types of shower heads in use, pipe insulation, dishwasher and washing machine efficiency and overall hot water demand.

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