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Boman Kemp Window Wells

Affordable Windows Wells

bowman-kemp-window-well West Michigan Glass BlockBoman Kemp window wells have been used by the specialists at WMGB longer than any other window well manufacturer. The main reason is that Boman Kemp offers the most economical window well. With Boman Kemp, you’re getting the biggest bang for your buck. These wells will keep the soil and other earth material away from your window while providing safe and easy access in and out of your egress window.

Installing Bowman Kemp Window Wells

Boman Kemp wells are easy to install whether you’re remodeling your basement or simply adding an egress window to an otherwise finished home. If you’re remodeling your basement, a Boman Kemp well can be bolted directly to the wall during construction. If you’re adding an egress window, Boman Kemp offers an option to safely secure the well to your home. Additionally, all Boman Kemp wells are IRC (International Residential Code) compliant.

bowman-kemp-window-well West Michigan Glass BlockBoman Kemp wells are offered in either white powder-coated steel or a stacked stone pattern for a more pleasing aesthetic for your basement. Both options will provide long-lasting, durable, and weather-proof protection for your egress window. These wells can be easily entered or exited via ladder, which must be mounted.

Grates and covers are also offered through Boman Kemp, which are particularly helpful for safety during West Michigan winters, when snow can cover your well opening.

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