Addressing Home Energy Problems
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Addressing Home Energy Problems

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Addressing Home Energy Problems Through the Holland Home Energy Rebate Program

WMGB Home Improvement is happy to educate our customers on the types of home energy problems that can be remedied by the right home improvements. There are many common home energy problems that can easily be addressed by upgrades and other home improvements. Let’s go over some examples:

  • High utility bills: If you’re noticing higher energy bills in summer and winter, this may be due to air leaks in your home’s envelope, inefficient windows or inefficient or incorrectly installed heating and cooling equipment, or poorly sealed and insulated ducts, says Energy STAR.
  • Moldy, musty odors in basements and attics: This is often caused by water leaks or high humidity, which leads to wood rot, structural damage, peeling paint, and even health problems. If you are experiencing high levels of humidity in your home, your central air conditioner may have been improperly sized or installed.
  • Cold floors: While cold floors are normal to some degree throughout the winter, unusually cold floors comprised of wood, stone, tile and concrete can indicate insufficient insulation or air infiltration.
  • Drafts: If you feel drafts throughout the home in winter, this is caused by leaks in windows and doors. You may need replacement windows and doors that will better seal and insulate your home.
  • Ice dams: These can form on roof ridges in winter, which means the warm air inside your home is leaking into the attic, warming the underside of the roof. Accumulating snow and ice will melt and refreeze to form dangerous ice dams. Often times, insufficient attic insulation, roofing and even gutters can be to blame.

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