Glass Block
Glass Block

Improve the Appearance of Your Property With Glass Block Windows in Grand Rapids and Kalamazoo

There are several small changes you can make to improve the appearance as well as the safety of your home. WMGB Home Improvement specializes in glass block windows in Grand Rapids and Kalamazoo designed to make your home safer and more attractive. We have been installing glass blocks for more than 30 years, making them our main and largest growing service.

A Quality Glass Block Window for Every Room


One of the great things about opting for glass block in Wyoming MI and Grand Rapids for your home is that you have several different options to choose from. There are also many different advantages to choosing glass blocks over traditional windows, such as:Image 2

  • A maintenance-free design
  • Privacy
  • Security
  • Improving your home’s overall value
  • Brightening up the rooms of your home

As an added bonus, glass blocks are also great at preventing drafts and leaks, an advantage that can go a long way in lowering your energy bills and making your home more energy efficient. Glass blocks look great in your den, bathroom, basement and rec room.

Endless Possibilities

Our professional glass block installers in Kalamazoo and Lansing can provide you with a generous variety of textures, colors and sizes for your new windows. Glass blocks are a great option for craft projects and gifts. Glass blocks are also excellent for any DIY projects you have planned or are currently working on.

To get a better idea of how glass blocks look, be sure to check out our gallery here on our site. There you’ll see the different designs, patterns and options you might want to have in your own home.

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